Monthly Archives: October 2010

Win a copy of the Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel

Want to win a copy of Frank Millers classic graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns’? Of course you do. To enter just leave a list of your three favourite graphic novels in the comments below.

Why are they rebooting Superman?

Superman is due to return to Cinemas in 2012. After Christopher Nolans success with the Batman movies Warners and DC have decided that they should let him work his magic with Superman too. Nolan will not be directing the movie titled ‘Man of Steel’ but will be taking an executive producer role on the film. [...]

Star Wars in 3d

Lucasfilm announced on announced this week that they will be re-releasing (or in the case of the original trilogy re-re releasing) all of the Star Wars films from Episode I to VI. It will begin with the Phantom Menace in 2012.