Monthly Archives: February 2011

Voyager Shockwave Video Review

Shockwave the one eyed Deceptijerk is one of the main villains in the Transformers film Dark of the Moon. Here’s a video review of the voyager Shockwave toy. Looks pretty cool.

Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime toy – WTF

You’ve got to be kidding me. Quite a few sites have been blogging about the new pictures of Optimus Prime from Dark of the Moon. The only thing I can say is. WTF? This must be a joke. I’m trying to think of a reason that Optimus Prime would have what looks like giant fairy [...]

Transformers 3 Super Bowl Trailer

New Superbowl Transformers 3 trailer showing Optimus Prime flying around kicking ass and taking robot names. As usual there’s Sam Witwicky looking like he’s having one of Jack Bauers bad days and a shot of the new Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington Whitely.