Monthly Archives: September 2011

Transformers ongoing #25 review

This is more like it. A Transformers comic where you can pick out the bots. This issue focuses on the Autobots left behind on Earth while the rest are off to war on Cybertron. Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, Prowl and Jazz are left on Earth so it’s a stellar cast.

Transformers #24 review – Chaos

Hi comic fans. Today I finally got my hands on Transformers #24 which kicks off Chaos. If you haven’t been reading the Transformers ongoing comic Chaos has been billed as a big deal storyline which will have lasting repurcussions for the robots in disguise.

Optimus Prime Riding an AT-AT

To make your own Optimus AT-AT all you need is one Leader class Optimus Prime and any old AT-AT that you have lying around the house. Place Optimus on top of the AT-AT and you’re done.

Star Wars Blu Rays – Changes that could have happened

All over the internet Star Wars fans are getting a bit crazy over the release of the Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray. Not crazy in the good way though. It would appear that George Lucas has gone and made a few more changes to the original trilogy which is pissing off a large number [...]