Monthly Archives: November 2011

X-Men Schism 1 – 5

Schism is an epic X-Men story that has been built up by Marvel as one of those ‘nothing will be the same again’ stories.  X-Men comics have a fantastic history of great stories and this one doesn’t disappoint. It starts off with Logan and Scott attending an arms control conference in Switzerland where Scott hopes [...]

Action Comics #1 – The New 52

DC Comics master plan has seen them restart their comics continuity and start all of their titles from number 1. So here’s a review of the first issue of Action Comics otherwise known as Superman. The original issue #1 of Action Comics with Supermans first appearance would set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. [...]

Welcome to BangZap – Win a Bumblebee Toy

Welcome to the BangZap Blog. If you’ve following this blog you may have noticed a change around here. is no more and has been given an upgrade to BangZap Toys. To mark the launch of BangZap here’s your chance to win a Bumblebee Transformers toy. It’s the Deluxe class Bumblebee from the Hunt for [...]