Monthly Archives: June 2012

Today at Glasgow Comic Con

What a fantastic first day at Glasgow Comic Con. I’m pretty tired but it was well worth it. There were lots and lots of comics of which I hardly had a chance to go through. I’ll get a chance to remedy that tomorrow. I was behind the BangZap stand for most of the day but [...]

Movie Costume Comparisons – The Batman

Welcome to the first installment of movie costume comparisons. We are in the golden age of superhero movies. So much so that we are now seeing revamps of the same characters that were only in the cinemas a few years ago. This summer we have updated versions of Spiderman, Batman and Judge Dredd hitting screens so [...]

The Batman Trailer We Deserve

It’s official. I am excited as one man can be about another man dressing up as a bat. Its Batman season again folks and this year we’re going to catch us a big one.

Glasgow Comic Con is On!

BangZap Toys will be at this years Glasgow Comic Convention which is taking place at the Mackintosh Church Arts and Heritage Centre on Sat 30th June and Sunday 1st July. There are some excellent speakers lined up from the world of comics and there will lots of comics and toy dealers in attendance.

Metroplex Heeds the Call of the Last Prime

Wow. Another trailer has been released for the upcoming Fall of Cybertron game. Metroplex is in it. Again, wow. As much as I like the Transformers films I would love to see a movie made with these character designs.

Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer

The fifth series of The Clone Wars is on it’s way and a new trailer has been released. It has been an excelent show from the get go but this one looks like it could be the best yet. The Clone Wars has built up a great cast of characters over the last few years [...]