Monthly Archives: July 2012

Man of Steel Teaser Trailer

If you’ve seen the fantastic Dark Knight Rise you will have also been treated to the Man of Steel teaser trailer. My first impression was wow, this looks good. It looks like we’re going to get a more realistic take on Superman. Here’s the trailer below.

Movie Costume Comparisons – Spiderman

Welcome back to the BangZap Movie Costume Comparisons series of blogs where we try to answer the big questions. Todays question is. Who’s Spiderman suit is cooler? Spiderman has been the recent recipient of a reboot. Sounds painful. In the new Spiderman film out this week we get to see Spideys origin all over again. [...]

Glasgow Comic Con – Day 2 Photos

Glasgow Comic Con is over for another year and it may have been the best yet. This was our first time having a stall at a convention and we loved it. We brought along lots of new and old toys but a few toys in particular seemed to get everyone’s attention. Mainly the vintage Star [...]