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City Centre Comics open a new shop

          There’s nothing like a good comic shop to get lost in and one of Glasgows best have just opened a new one. City Centre Comics have been in Glasgow for years. They were at one point in the back of Forbidden Planet and have for the last few years been [...]

Uncanny X-Force Dark Angel Saga: Conclusion #18

The Dark Angel Saga has been an X story worthy of the great classic X-Men stories of old. The last issue delivers big time. Warren Worthington has lost his battle with his murderous Archangel identity and is now in full on Apocalypse mode. X-Force have tracked down a lifeseed from the Age of Apocalypse which [...]

Catwoman – New 52

The reboot of the DC Universe has certainly garnered DC comics and DC characters a lot of attention. While being less than enthusiastic about the reboot for characters like Batman I was looking forward to being able to jump in on the ground floor with some others I hadn’t been following. I bought the first [...]

X-Men Schism 1 – 5

Schism is an epic X-Men story that has been built up by Marvel as one of those ‘nothing will be the same again’ stories.  X-Men comics have a fantastic history of great stories and this one doesn’t disappoint. It starts off with Logan and Scott attending an arms control conference in Switzerland where Scott hopes [...]

Action Comics #1 – The New 52

DC Comics master plan has seen them restart their comics continuity and start all of their titles from number 1. So here’s a review of the first issue of Action Comics otherwise known as Superman. The original issue #1 of Action Comics with Supermans first appearance would set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. [...]

Star Wars Invasion:Revelations 1 – 3

                                                                I am a big fan of the Star Wars expanded universe books  especially the New Jedi Order series. The war with the Yuuzhan [...]

Transformers ongoing #25 review

This is more like it. A Transformers comic where you can pick out the bots. This issue focuses on the Autobots left behind on Earth while the rest are off to war on Cybertron. Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, Prowl and Jazz are left on Earth so it’s a stellar cast.

Transformers #24 review – Chaos

Hi comic fans. Today I finally got my hands on Transformers #24 which kicks off Chaos. If you haven’t been reading the Transformers ongoing comic Chaos has been billed as a big deal storyline which will have lasting repurcussions for the robots in disguise.

Uncanny X-Men – Fear Itself #2 – Comic Review

Now this is a comic. I used to read a ton of comics on a regular basis but two things stopped me reading them at all. Rubbish stories, art and lazy writing. I’ll count them as one reason.

Transformers issue 23 – Comic Review

The Transformers IDW series of comics is one of my favourite at the moment. It features all of the classic generation one transformers and actually adds some depth to lots of characters like Prowl, Ultra Magnus and Thundercracker to name a few.