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Star Wars Photo Fun

Optimus Prime Riding an AT-AT

To make your own Optimus AT-AT all you need is one Leader class Optimus Prime and any old AT-AT that you have lying around the house. Place Optimus on top of the AT-AT and you’re done.

The Most Interesting Star Wars Vehicles

Star Wars pretty much has it all. Iconic characters, cool costumes, a classic good versus evil struggle and some very cool and off the wall vehicles. Be they spaceship, speeder, bikes, tanks or walkers Star Wars has something cool to throw at you. Here’s my five coolest looking vehicles from the Star Wars saga.

Leaked Darth Vader memo – Infographic

Optimus Prime for President

Everyone knows Optimus Prime. He’s your favourite Autobot leader and constant defender of humans from the Decepticon menace. What would we do without him.  Prime is the star of the recent Transformers movies as well as cartoon series but he’s not getting any younger. Will there come a time when Prime hangs up his giant [...]