George Lucas has sold Star Wars to Disney

disney buys lucasfilm

George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 billion. And the even bigger news is that there are going to be more Star Wars films. Wow, I don’t think anyone saw that coming. George Lucas has been saying for years that he is done with Star Wars movies but I always took that with a grain of salt. I figured he would get bored at one point and make some more, but from the way he has spoken in recent interviews it seems that Lucas really has had enough. And who could blame him after the critical reception the prequels received. I love the prequel movies but there is a lot of hate for them out there.

While George seems to be done with Star Wars I think he realises that it’s bigger than him now and that fans will always want more. Which leads me to :

Why this could be great

When you think of Disney it’s probably characters like Mickey Mouse or Bambi that comes to mind and not Iron Man or Captain America but Disney own the highly successful Marvel who have been consistently delivering some ace comics and movies. It’s likely that Disney owning Lucasfilm won’t have a negative effect on upcoming Star Wars movies and the great thing for fans like me is that there will be lots more Star Wars.

Why this could be bad news for Star Wars

George Lucas won’t be making the movies but he will still have an involvement in the story process. While Lucas has his weaknesses he has also delivered some of the greatest moments in scifi cinema. He knows what Star Wars should be better than anyone and I hope that isn’t lost in the acquisition. Also, it’s always been really cool that Star Wars/Lucafilm was an independent that could do whatever it wanted. Now more than ever money will be the driving force, but then when hasn’t it been.

What movies should come next?

“I have story treatments of 7,8 and 9″ is what George says in todays announcement. Could they make a seventh movie with the original cast? They’re much older now and personally I would prefer they go for a new cast instead possibly focussing on the next generation of Jedis. The possibility of them using the extended universe of books for movies is hopefully on the table. The Yuuzhan Vong war could be the greatest series ever and you could have Luke, Han and Leia as supporting characters. Anyway, It’ll be fun to see what happens next. You can check out the video at Star

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