Glasgow Comic Con is On!

Glasgow comic conBangZap Toys will be at this years Glasgow Comic Convention which is taking place at the Mackintosh Church Arts and Heritage Centre on Sat 30th June and Sunday 1st July. There are some excellent speakers lined up from the world of comics and there will lots of comics and toy dealers in attendance.

BangZap will be there with lots of new and vintage toys and maybe a competition or two.

Last years comic con was great fun with some excellent speakers but this year should top it with two whole days of comic fun. Here are some of the speakers I’m looking forward to seeing but you can find a full list at the official Comic Con website.


Alan Grant

Who he? Scottish comic book writer who has worked on Batman, Judge Dredd and Doctor who among others.
Recommended: Batman Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham.

Frank Quitely

Who he? Scottish comic book artist with a very unique style who has worked on X-Men, Superman, Justice League, Judge Dredd, Captain America, Green Lanten and Jonah Hex among many others.
Recommended: Grant Morrisons’ New X-Men.

Mike Ploog

Who he? Artist for comic and film who has worked on such epic movies as Ghostbusters and Superman 2 as well as being involved in the look of Marvel character Ghost Rider. I bet he’ll have some stories to tell.
Recommended: Any Ghost Rider comics.

Jim Starlin

Who he? Comic book writer and artist who created the Marvel character Thanos and has worked on everyone from the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Silver Surfer to Flash, Adam Warlock and Batman.
Recommended: The Thanos Quest Miniseries.

To get your tickets head over to Comics By Post.

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