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Welcome back to the BangZap Movie Costume Comparisons series of blogs where we try to answer the big questions. Todays question is. Who’s Spiderman suit is cooler?

Spiderman has been the recent recipient of a reboot. Sounds painful. In the new Spiderman film out this week we get to see Spideys origin all over again. I was prepared to sit through this as I get to see a Spiderman movie without any Tobey Maguire. I could never see him as Spiderman for some reason. I saw the new film last night and it is fantastic. Here’s a link to the BangZap review of Spiderman.

Tobey Maguire Spiderman VS Andrew Garfield Spiderman

spiderman suits tobey maguire andrew garfield

Onto the suits. Spiderman is one of those characters where the suit seen in the comics translates well to the films. In fact I saw a couple of people wearing Spiderman suits last week at Comic Con and they looked great. So the film makers don’t have to radically change how Spidey looks when they stick him in a movie which is nice.

The Maquire suit was pretty awesome. He looked like Spiderman. What more can you ask for. He had all natural web shooters which actually makes a bit more sense than the comics but hey ho. Let’s have a look at him in the suit.

tobey maguire spiderman


All very cool and awesome I hear you say and I agree. This is an excellent Spiderman suit which doesn’t need redone at all. That’s what I thought anyway. Then I saw this!

andrew garfield spiderman

Part spider. Part Basketball.

The suit looks even better in the movie and not like its made out of basketballs in any way. The web shooters are fun little gadgets too. The Andrew Garfield Spiderman suit is a little bit darker than the Maguire versions and it suits the more realistic New York that is seen in the film. So without further ado declare Garfield Spiderman suit the winner.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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