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bangzap superhero costumes seriesWelcome to the first installment of movie costume comparisons. We are in the golden age of superhero movies. So much so that we are now seeing revamps of the same characters that were only in the cinemas a few years ago. This summer we have updated versions of Spiderman, Batman and Judge Dredd hitting screens so what better time to have a look back and compare new and old. Are the costumes getting better or worse? First up, the man who would be bat.

There have been many versions of Batman on the big screen. I am going to compare two of the best. 1989 Keaton Batman versus the Bale Batman who Begins. The 1989 Batsuit is clearly awesome. It has buff muscles, is jet black and has no nipples. Underneath the cowl is Keaton, a take no nonsense Batman who will drop you in a vat of acid if he doesn’t like you. This is a classic batsuit in that Batman can’t turn his head when wearing it. This Batman never looks back, or sideways.  He doesn’t need to. Just look at him in that picture. He’s the Batman and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Batman costumes Michael Keaton Christian Bale




















The Batman Begins Bale has to be one of my absolute favourites. He makes for a menacing presence and is sure to put the jeepers or possibly creepers into the criminals of Gotham. For once Batman has an actual cloak that looks like cloth (they actually used thin parachute stuff) instead of a weird latex one. BBB has the same problem as 1989 Keaton in that he can’t move his head. I’m perfectly willing to accept a Batman that can’t move his noggin and here’s why.




While the Dark Knight batsuit is pretty cool they have given him the ability to move his head which means the cowl has ended up looking like a motorbike helmet with ears. It’s not my favourite bat cowl but the suit is pretty awesome. Also, I’d rather have a Nolan Batman wearing a less than perfect batsuit than a Schumacher bat any day of the week.

Here’s the movie batsuits rated on a graph for those who like graphs.

Behold the Bat Graph.

batgraph batman costumes


There is of course a Batsuit that beats anything we’ve seen on the screen yet and here it is.


real arkham city batsuit

Vote Bat!

Yes, this is a real version of the Batsuit from Arkham City. Check out more photos here.

Dishonourable Mention: Clooney Bat
george clooney batman costume

Next week: Spiderman

Whats your favourite Batman costume? Leave a comment below.

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