Win a copy of the Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel

dark knight returnsWant to win a copy of Frank Millers classic graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns’? Of course you do. To enter just leave a list of your three favourite graphic novels in the comments below.


Comics series that have later been released as graphic novels count too. I’ll pick the winner at random out of a hat. Competition ends – 12/12/10

To get us started i’ve listed my three favourites below. I’m not saying these are the best ever as there’s still a few supposedly great Graphic novels that I haven’t read yet. I’m looking at you Watchmen.






3)new xmen grant morrison X-Men: E is for Extinction by Grant Morrison

I had been reading X-Men comics since the early nineties and was pretty fed up about where the stories had led to. Remember that bastion crap? So when Grant Morrisons run started I was blown away. He reduced the X-men in his stories down to a core of five and replaced the outfits with black leather uniforms which tied in closer with the movies. He also made the Xavier Institute into an actual school again and introduced Emma Frost into the X-Mens ranks. The amount of great ideas that Morrison threw at this series kept it constantly thrilling. Morrison introduced some brilliant new characters including Xorn, Cassandra Nova, Xaviers twin sister Tom and his sentinel, Beak, Fantomex, The Stepford Cuckoo and evil beast. Grant Morrison made the X-Men more realistic in their day to day lives while tackling mental ideas like Cassandra Nova and the Shiar attack. Brilliant.

2) dark knight returns The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

This graphic novel by Frank Miller is credited with reintroducing the darker style of the Batman character after the camp tv show had distorted his public image. It came out in 1989 just before the first Batman movie and tells the story of Bruce Wayne returning to the role of Batman ten years after retiring. Batman in this story is one mean son of a gun. He’s in his fifties and feeling his age and Gotham has become worse than ever with gangs of thugs terrorising the public. Jim Gordon is about to retire so Bruce loses any police assistance when the new commisioner is appointed. He’s also got to deal with the Joker, Two Face and Superman. Quite a few of the scenes in it have turned up in the new batman films from Batman shouting at an upside down criminal to him using a tank like vehicle as the batmobile.

1) superman secret identitySuperman – Secret Identity by Kurt Busiek, Stuart Immonen

I happened across this in my local library and I was glad I did. It’s not part of the Superman story canon but more of an Else worlds (remember them) tale. It tells the story of a kid in a small town in America who is named Clark Kent by his funny bugger parents. He gets teased for his name in school and every birthday he is given Superman related presents. One night he is out camping, he falls asleep only to wake up in the air hovering above the ground. He turns out to have all of the powers that Superman does. It’s absolutely brilliant.


  1. Roman Silverback
    Posted November 2, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    Welcome to Hoxford, Sinister and Dexter Money shots and Army of Darkness Ashes to Ashes are the best comics iv read this year.

  2. Jamie Taylor
    Posted November 2, 2010 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman

    Watchmen – Alan Moore

    Fray – Joss Whedon

  3. Sam Eastmond
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    Promethea – Alan Moore

    Preacher – Garth Ennis

    Ex Machina – Brian K Vaughn

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