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Hi and welcome to BangZap Toys. I set up BangZap back in good old 2010 to provide a place to buy the most awesome new and vintage toys from all of my favourite cartoons, movies and comics.

So far it's been a lot fun sourcing toys from the 70s and 80s as well as brand new toy releases. If you are looking for a specific toy that you don't see on the site get in touch either through the contact page, the blog or Facebook and Twitter. I'm always adding new toys to BangZap so what is on offer is constantly changing.

Buying from BangZap should be very straight forward however if you have any problems getting an R2-D2 action figure or a big Transformers truck ordered from BangZap and into your hands just get in contact and I'll see what can be done.

Also, if you receive your order and decide you want to send it back that's no problem either. Just return it in the post in the same condition you received it in. I'll even cover the return postage costs.

If you just want to buy your toys and get out of here that's cool. However if you want to read all about toys, comics, movies and all things in between head over to the BangZap blog for your weekly fix.

All the Best

Calum Macleod
BangZap Toys

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